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Re: FS corruption? bogus i_mode

Thanks for the response. I am actually exposing the processor to neutron radiation which makes it vulnerable. Otherwise the processor and the system works fine once it is take out of the radiation. But this one time when the FS was corrupted i had to re-install the full root file system as it had corrupted the bin directory itself. But i have backed up the data (using dd command) to find out what exactly happened.

And it looks like the FS is corrupted such that many of the fields are corrupted (including size, file type, author etc).
Thanks again! Sincerely,

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Christian Kujau wrote:

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Rajaraman Ramanarayanan wrote:
I am doing some testing on a PXA270 based processor (on a single board computer) which makes the processor vulnerable to bit flips. One
such bit flips seems to have corrupted the file system.

I don't know these PXA270 processors but your comment reads as if the processor is "prone to bit-flips by design", which I can't believe...so, I guess the cpu broke somehow, was overheated or sth.?

If so, that's like having faulty memory or faulty data-paths in general (bus errors, bad cabling, too hot processors, etc...). And kinds of errors can be caused by this and the fs can't do much about it because the code in the fs-driver (any fs) isn't executed in the way it is meant to.

segrith.cse.psu.edu 66% du -khs bin
426G    bin
segrith.cse.psu.edu 67% ll
total 446404348
cr-Sr-S--- 8240 959265076 876099129 32, 50 Oct  2  1997 bin

so, the system thinks /bin is a 426 GB character device on a 4GB filesystem?

you could run a recent version of e2fsck and see what can be repaired but I'd suggest to get a stable hardware platform and playback your backups :(

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