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Re: FS corruption? bogus i_mode

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Rajaraman Ramanarayanan wrote:
I am actually exposing the processor to neutron radiation which makes it vulnerable. Otherwise the processor and the system works fine once it is take out of the radiation.

ROFL, this really is the best setup I've read about on ext3-users ;)

But this one time when the FS was corrupted i had to re-install the full root file system as it had corrupted the bin directory itself. But i have backed up the data (using dd command) to find out what exactly happened.

So, if this would be reproducible, one could activate the in-kernel debug flags or more specifically JBD_DEBUG or even try kdb[0] to see what's going on. Oh, and when we can see corruption patterns while the system is exposed to your special environment, I'd love to test the patch introducing CONFIG_EXT3_NEUTRON ;)


[0] ftp://oss.sgi.com/www/projects/kdb/download/latest/
BOFH excuse #113:

Root nameservers are out of sync

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