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Re: FS corruption? bogus i_mode

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Christian Kujau wrote:

ROFL, this really is the best setup I've read about on ext3-users ;)

Thanks! ;) Thats what my research is about - To test the effect of neutron induced errors on memories, processors etc.

So, if this would be reproducible, one could activate the in-kernel debug flags or more specifically JBD_DEBUG or even try kdb[0] to see what's going on. Oh, and when we can see corruption patterns while the system is exposed to your special environment, I'd love to test the patch introducing CONFIG_EXT3_NEUTRON ;)

I have seen this only once. So as of now it is not reporoducible, and i definitely cannot predict if and when it can occur. Also I am not familiar with activating debug flags, Is there any document that i can refer to for these.. or is it something i have to figure out myself? Thanks!


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