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Re: FS corruption? bogus i_mode

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Rajaraman Ramanarayanan wrote:
I have seen this only once. So as of now it is not reporoducible, and i definitely cannot predict if and when it can occur. Also I am not familiar with activating debug flags, Is there any document that i can refer to for these..

I'm not a filesystem wizard and use debug flags only when things go wrong and this question should be answered by the e2fs-crew, but for starters: when configuring your kernel (make menuconfig?), enabling "JBD (ext3) debugging support" (under "File systems") should make the ext3 fs-driver more verbose, especially when something goes wrong.

Then there are the numerous "kernel debugging" options (under "Kernel hacking")..but I find it hard to propose a specific option here, because we don't know which part of the kernel would generate certain errors when exposed to the radiation. in general, these options make the various code-paths more verbose.

but I doubt that apart from this (being more chatty whwn something goes wrong) will actually help to debug and even coding workarounds for hardware-going-crazy-under-certain-conditions. But then again, the satellites in space have lots of chips inside too and are exposed to radiation as well....hm, dunno how this is done.

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