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Re: Stress testing for ext3?

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Kieft, Brian wrote:
Does anyone know of a good method for exercising
an ext3 file system?

I'm not aware of such a "torture" tool, but any long run of your real-world-application of choice, some benchmarks or heavy operation on a big source tree or so should do no harm to any in-kernel rw-filesystem.

Perhaps something that involves power removal in between commits
or in the midst of a write,

start any of the things mentioned above and pull the plug ;)
maybe "reboot -f" could simulate this:

  -f     Force halt or reboot, don't call shutdown(8).

but I've never tried that and don't know if it will KILL running processes before rebooting.

and then checks for corrupt data. Do any utilities exist for this?

fsck.ext[23] will do that for the fs structure. you could use diff(1) against a known-to-be-good filesystem to verify that all data is in

BOFH excuse #325:

Your processor does not develop enough heat.

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