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Re: debian unstable & ext3

[resent to ext3-users redhat com]

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Larry McVoy wrote:
Some time ago things started getting weird in the following way: I do a
fairly normal hack, ^Z, make, test loop when developing and it seems
----------------------^ this would STOP your editor (vi), but do you :w before you do this?

that vim is calling fsync or sync

you can start vim via strace(1) to find out which one is called.

and that is then flushing everything to disk. My tests create maybe 10
dozen files in ~30MB and for some reason this is taking 4 seconds to

How full is the fs, maybe fragmentation is bad or the 4 sec are even I/O-bound? What mount-options are used?

It'd be intresting to reproduce this behaviour on a fresh filesystem.

I'm about to switch to reiserfs and that's a lot of fuss for what should

Let us know if this solved the problem ;)

BOFH excuse #277:

Your Flux Capacitor has gone bad.

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