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Re: Stress testing for ext3?

Christian wrote:
On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, ..:::BeOS Mr. X:::.. wrote:

I know of a method to continously execute a command, maybe doing a full listing of the drive's contents will heat the drives up, but I am not sure about the error checking part. Here is what I would do:
while [ 1 -eq 1 ]; do ls  -shw9 -R; done

The directory liting will be cached, after the first run the disk should not be touched any more (try it out...). Also, when you're not redirecting the output to somewhere else (e.g. /dev/null), the terminal displaying the output will be the bottleneck and not the fs or the disk...

A colleague of mine reported he got ext3 to bail out while repeatedly recompiling the kernel. He enabled all kernel modules, and then ran:

# while true; do make clean; make -j18; done

The filesystem ended up being mounted ro. The fsck at reboot moved some files to lost+found, after which the filesystem could be used again.

Kind regards,


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