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Re: EXT3-fs: invalid journal inode.

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On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Sabin Dang wrote:
It is a hardware raid (3ware, RAID 5 + hostspare ) and the raid reports all drives are fine

...and no errors in syslog then, I suppose.
How big is the array?

I have a backup, but unfortunately the data on the raid is needed very quickly to meet a deadline. Restoring from backups is possible but is time consuming (a process I've started on another system already, just hoping to get things up and running quickly).

Sure. What I meant was: if you can (i.e. if you have another at least equal-sized disk(array)): dd your "bad" sdb to this other device as a backup, before attempting to play with fsck and "fsck -n" already tells you that the fs is severely damaged. That way you could play back the (nevertheless corrupt) original sdb if fsck is "fixing" more than needed.

BOFH excuse #43:

boss forgot system password

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