Corrupt inodes on shared disk...

Paul Fitzmaurice pfitzmaurice at
Tue Apr 3 17:59:13 UTC 2007

I am having problems when using a Dell PowerVault MD3000 with multipath
from a Dell PowerEdge 1950.  I have 2 cables connected and mount the
partition on the DAS Array.  I am using RHEL 4.4 with RHCS and a two
node cluster.  Only one node is "Active" at a time, it creates a mount
to the partition, and if there is an issue RHCS will fence the device
and then the other node will mount the partition.


I have now run into a problem twice where my ext3 (with Journaling) has
corrupt inodes.  This actually has resulted in a filesystem with
#xxxxxxxxx files and directories.


Am I missing something here?  Should I be using a different files


Any help would be appreciated.


Paul Fitzmaurice

Aveksa, Inc

"Where Security meets Compliance"



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