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Re: File system checking on ext3 after a system crash

3) Periodically, and at a non-peak time, use the e2image program to
save a backup copy of the filesystem metadata.  Do this *especially*
if you don't have space to do a real backup.  This will give you at
least some measure of a saving throw against a single bad disk write
(caused by malfunctioning storage hardware, or the aforementioned
buggy binary-only graphical driver written in C++ with the pointer
error) from destroying a huge numer of files.

Hi -
   I noted this response with interest.
   I was unaware of this tool.
I did a quick test and looks simple to use, are there any caveats or hidden gotchas ? I understand it will only restore to the state it was in when the image was taken,
   but in a pinch that maybe an alternative we could use.
   Any idea how long it takes to create/restore ?
   Would it make sense to run on a daily basis ?

Also, wondering if you could point me to documentation explaining how to
   respond to e2fsck questions when it finds problems in the file system.

Sev Binello
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, New York
sev bnl gov

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