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Re: unlink performance

I think that the mv / mkdir is going to be your best move...
If you can't move the whole directory, try:

mkdir /tmp2
mv /tmp/{*,.??*} /tmp2
(restart the application)
rm -rf /tmp2/* /tmp2/.??*

(it depends, of course, on the two directories being on the same partition).

That approach especially works if the bulk of your files are in sub-directories  You'll only be doing work on the inodes directly in the main directory, and then you can take your time deleting the subdirectories from /tmp2 while your app runs.

I'm looking for clues about speeding up unlink performance.  I have an ext3 file system (well, across several machines) that have a temp directory.  The application needs to clean up the temp directory before the next run of the application begins and the engineers want to clean out this temp directory  "quickly".

Stephen Samuel http://www.bcgreen.com

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