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Simon Guilhot simon.guilhot at
Sun Dec 2 14:59:37 UTC 2007

Hi to everyone,

I have a student projet quite interessting and quite hard and the informations found on internet about the ext3 aren't relevant. That's why I recquire you're help.
My aim is to add some métadatas to my files (like public,Private, draft ... the list must be extensible) and have the possibility to display it with the commands line (ls, rm, ...). 
There is lots of ways to do that. The more appropriate is, for me, to implement it directly in the i-node of the Ext3 (more easy in ext2 ?).
Concretly I see it like that (I'm probably wrong):

The standard i-node contain informations like Creation/modification dates, rights, number of links ... and I wanted to add a field string (or some bytes, its the same) where i could put my metadatas.
Of course the system won't be bootable (and wont be stable).
Here is a representation : 
Course, I'm maybe dreaming, it's probably very hard, but it's interesting to ask to someone more experienced.

Forgive me for my english. 

Guilhot Simon
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