Very slow ext3 fsck

Santi Saez santi at
Thu Feb 22 20:22:03 UTC 2007

El 22/02/2007, a las 15:26, Jeremy Sanders escribió:

> Jeremy Sanders wrote:
>> Does anybody know whether it has got stuck in a loop, or does it  
>> really
>> take so long to check so many hardlinks? Would it help moving to a  
>> newer
>> e2fsck than RHEL provides (it has version number  
>> e2fsprogs-1.35-12.4.EL4).
> I should also add that strace produces no output on the process, so  
> it's
> apparently not making any system calls.

I think that fsck spawns a children, try with "strace -f" to trace  
this child process too.


Santi Saez

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