how to commit a directory entry to the disk in EXT3 FS

tushar tushu1232 at
Sat Feb 24 03:06:22 UTC 2007

hey guys,

        well i am stuck up at a trivial point of committing the directory
entry buffer to the disk

     i have intialised the values of struct ext3_dir_entry_2 *de and now
want to commit it to the disk in the function

EXT3 FS----linux 2.6.18 ----fs/ext3/inode.c

static int ext3_do_update_inode(handle_t *handle,
                struct inode *inode,
                struct ext3_iloc *iloc)


--------------- raw inode updation------------------
dentry=list_entry(inode->,struct dentry,d_alias);
-----please tell me how to commit the de1 to the disk data structures after
this point----------

-------------- next part --------------
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