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Re: Hi all

Hi Beos,
It's true you can't recover files from ext3 since file address are
zeroed out  while deleting.
This tool is crash proof recovery tool.
You can the recover the files which are deleted only after it's
installation.The concept is, once you install the tool,It make backup
copy of  your files addresses.When you delete a file , it's address in
inode is deleted ...but we can access file from it's address which we
copied earlier-provided the content is not overwirtte-So it's like a
crash proof tool.
Hi Bruno Wolff ,
Yes it's always  better to take regular backup-
and fellow developers in freshmeat tested and rated this tool,
i assume they are quite satisfied with the tool.
Please check out :

Warm Regards,

On 2/25/07, Bruno Wolff III <bruno wolff to> wrote:
On Sat, Feb 24, 2007 at 22:19:02 -0800,
  "..:::BeOS Mr. X:::.." <mr _x shaw ca> wrote:
> Yes, but I always here that recover from ext3 is not possible...
> possibly explain some of the technology ? I have interest in using the
> program if I can in fact figure out how to use it. I accidently recently
> deleted a music folder with many mp3 files in it.

You are probably better off regularly making backups rather than beta testing
This software.

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