Problem with ext3 filesystem

Christian Kujau lists at
Wed Jan 3 21:07:39 UTC 2007

On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, Jan wrote:
> o.k. but the problems seems to come only with areca and ext3, not with
> jfs. strange ...

I've seen this *many* times on the reiserfs mailing list: ppl are 
complaining that reiserfs was faulty while other filesystems went OK. 
And it turned out to be some hardware issue after all. Now, I can't say that 
I'm 100% sure that the device is to blame, but it seems that some 
hardware bugs are triggered (not caused) by certain fs operations[0], so 
if changing the fs "fixes" it - why not. but it's not a very satisfying 
solution, IMHO.


[0] will some fs guru please hit me if this is total gibberish...
BOFH excuse #423:

It's not RFC-822 compliant.

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