CHANGE IN THE struct ext3_dir_entry_2 IS SUGGESTED

tushar tushu1232 at
Wed Jan 31 06:30:36 UTC 2007

well a change in the struct ext3_dir_entry_2 like

 ++ change in the structure

 struct ext33_dir_entry_2 {

++           union {
                      __le32 inode;
++                     struct ext33_inode *emb_i;

++                    }  u_emb_i;

        __le16    rec_len;        /* Directory entry length */
        __u8    name_len;        /* Name length */
        __u8    file_type;
        char    name[EXT3_NAME_LEN];    /* File name */


initially the default access was through the *de which referenced only
de->inode but the change is as follows

well we have reflected  the changes in the ext3 filesystem source code using
the above structure (but only used the u_emb_i.inode)

we just wanted to know is ther any change to be done in EXT3_DIR_REC_LEN

#define EXT3_DIR_PAD            4
#define EXT3_DIR_ROUND            (EXT3_DIR_PAD - 1)
#define EXT3_DIR_REC_LEN(name_len)     (((name_len)  + 8 + EXT3_DIR_ROUND) &
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