Can't mount /home anymore

Evgeni evgeni at
Mon Jan 29 15:43:54 UTC 2007

fsck can't help you because bitmaps are damaged,
but there is a way to recover your files.

1. Prepair enough space on another partition
and create directory where to put recovered files.

2. Boot linux.
(for example use Rescue CD or Knoppix Live CD)

3. Run debugfs in catastrophic mode (-c option) :
debugfs -c /dev/hdaX
catastrophic mode does not read inode and group bitmaps
if your superblock is damaged consider using -s (superblock) and -b (block
size) options
to specify backup superblock
(the block size and superblock locations can be found by dumpe2fs)

4. Inside debugfs shell run:
rdump directory_to_recover directory_for_recovered_files
   directory_to_recover is in damaged partition
   directory_for_recovered_files is in your active partition (from step 1

for example:
   rdump /home /tmp/recovery
This will copy /home directory and all it's content including subdirectories
and files to /tmp/recovery.
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