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Re: Please How do I calculate the offset of a file within a ext3 partition

Thank you for your response, but one more question, does this logical block 0 hold the header of the file, if not where is located the header of a file in a ext3 filesystem.

The reason why I need to know that is because I wish to use swsusp on my swap-file so I really need to know the location of the file's swap header.

Thank you for helping.

William Tambe

Duane Griffin wrote:
On 22/07/07, William Tambe <tambewilliam gmail com> wrote:
I need to understand and to calculate the offset of the beginning of a
file within my partition which uses an ext3 filesystem.

Can I use dumpe2fs to figure that out, if yes how?

(Sorry for the duplicate William, forgot to reply to the list)

Not sure about dumpe2fs but you can use debugfs to do so. For example:

/sbin/debugfs <fs> -R "bmap /path/to/file 0"

Will give you the first physical block corresponding to logical block
0 of the file.


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