Help on ext3 file system corruption issue

Miernik public at
Sat Jun 16 00:41:42 UTC 2007

Andreas Dilger <adilger at> wrote:
> This is likely a hardware error.  Probably due to the fact that ext3
> is not a good filesystem to use on CF because the journal is always
> overwriting the same part of the CF device.  Try something like JFFS2
> instead.

Isn't CF always wear-levelled internally, so it shouln't matter, and the
internal compact flash controller will take care not to write to the
same physical chip all the time?

I wonder, because I had recently had two CF cards used as root sidk in a
CF-ICE adapter go bad, one with unrecoverable bad sectors (ext3 couldn't
be used on it, it was only 32 sectors = 16 kB, but still I couldn't use
the card at all, because these sectors where coming back over and over
again, like if the CF was remapping there somewhere else, and ext3 not
knowing about that jumed upon them again, and so on, very strange). Then
a second card got completely destroyed in just couple of months standard
desktop usage as root filesystem. I didn't use swap on any of the cards,
/home was also somewhere else, no really often changing data.


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