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Re: kjournald hang on ext3 to ext3 copy

Andreas Dilger wrote:
On Jun 16, 2007  08:17 -0500, John Marconi wrote:
I am running into a situation in which one of my ext3 filesystems is getting hung during normal usage. There are three ext3 filesystems on a CompactFLASH. One is mounted as / and one as /tmp. In my test, I am copying a 100 MB file from /root to /tmp repeatedly. While doing this test, I eventually see the copying stop, and any attempts to access /tmp fail - if I even do ls /tmp the command will hang.

I suspect kjournald because of the following ps output:
8847    99 start_this_handle        1.1  0.0  28     pdflush
8853    99 schedule_timeout       0.2  0.0   7     pdflush
 188     1 kswapd                       0.0  0.0  19   kswapd0
8051     1 mtd_blktrans_thread   0.0  0.0  22   mtdblockd
8243     1 kjournald                    0.0  0.0   0   kjournald
8305     1 schedule_timeout        0.0  0.0   2   udevd
8378     1 kjournald                    0.0  0.0   0   kjournald
8379     1 journal_commit_trans 16.6  0.0   0   kjournald
8437     1 schedule_timeout       0.0  0.0   0   evlogd
8527     1 syslog                        0.0  0.0   1   klogd
8534     1 schedule_timeout       0.0  0.0   0   portmap
8569     1 schedule_timeout       0.0  0.0   0   rngd
8639     1 schedule_timeout       0.1  0.0  24   sshd
8741  8639 schedule_timeout    0.0  0.0   0     sshd
8743  8741 wait                        0.0  0.0   9       bash
8857  8743 schedule_timeout    4.9  0.0   7         cp
8664     1 schedule_timeout       0.0  0.0   0   xinetd
8679     1 schedule_timeout       0.0  0.0   0   evlnotifyd
8689     1 schedule_timeout       0.0  0.0   0   evlactiond
8704     1 wait                           0.0  0.0   1   bash
8882  8704 -                            0.0  0.0   2     ps

If I run ps repeatedly, I always see process 8379 in journal_commit_transaction, and it is always taking between 12% and 20% of processor 0 up. This process never completes. I also see process 8847 in start_this_handle forever as well - so I believe they are related.
This system is using a 2.6.14 kernel.

Please try to reproduce with a newer kernel, as this kind of problem
might have been fixed already.

Two tips for debugging this kind of issue:
- you need to have detailed stack traces (e.g. sysrq-t) of all the
  interesting processes

- if a process is stuck inside a large function (e.g. 8379 in example)
  you need to provide the exact line number.  this can be found by compiling
  the kernel with CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO (-g flag to gcc) and then doing
  "gdb vmlinux" and "p *(journal_commit_transaction+{offset})", where the
  byte offset is printed in the sysrq-t output, and then include the code
  surrounding that line from the source file

- a process stuck in "start_this_handle()" is often just an innocent
  bystander.  It is waiting for the currently committing transaction to
  complete before it can start a new filesystem-modifying operation (handle).
  That said, the journal handle acts like a lock and has been the cause of
  many deadlock problems (e.g. process 1 holds lock, waits for handle;
  process 2 holds transaction open waiting for lock).  pdflush might be one
  of the "process 1" kind of tasks, and some other process is holding the
  transaction open preventing it from completing.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Principal Software Engineer
Cluster File Systems, Inc.


Thanks for the information.

I am not able to update the entire kernel to a new version for a variety of reasons, however I can update certain parts in my system (such as the filesystem). I did a diff of the 2.6.16 kernel against my kernel, and the changes to jbd were minimal. I plan on looking at the latest versions of the kernel to determine if anything has changed since 2.6.16.

I took a look at the place that kjournald was stuck - it is in the journal_commit_transaction "while (comiit_transaction->t_updates)" loop and it is trying to "spin_lock(&journal->j_state_lock). When I look at pdflush, it is also trying to take the journal->j_state_lock. Do you have any tips on finding out which process might own journal->j_state_lock?

Thanks again,

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