How to name it?

lakshmi pathi lakshmipathi.g at
Thu Mar 15 14:25:47 UTC 2007

hi all,
The reason why writting this mail--i don't know how to name a tool written
by myself :-)
Following is the functionality of a file system tool :
When you install the tool it acts as a protection for your files.Tool copies
the address of files.
If you accidently deleted a file -if its contents are not modified-then the
tool retrives the contents of file.
How should i call this tool./
Saying file recovery is somewhat miss leading-(i got critisied for saying
it's recovery tool)--because it doesnt recover files deleted before it's
intallation of tool.
It's can't be backup tool - since the tool backup only address of file and
not the file itself.
Is their any other similar tool is out there?
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