Ext3 behavior on power failure

Jan Kara jack at suse.cz
Wed Mar 28 15:00:03 UTC 2007

On Wed 28-03-07 10:17:33, armangau_philippe at emc.com wrote:
> In my case the disk cache is not a  problem - We use an emc disk array
> the write cache is protected - 
> Once the data has made over the disk array we can assume it is safe - 
  Then if you are able to reproduce the situation that not all data
is written after fsync(); poweroff; that is a bug worth reporting..

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> >  If you fsync() your data, you are guaranteed that also your data are
> > safely on disk when fsync returns. So what is the question here?
> Pardon a newbie's intrusion, but I do know this isn't true. There is a 
> window of possible loss because of the multitude of layers of caching, 
> especially within the drive itself. Unless there is a
> super_duper_fsync() 
> that is able to actually poll the hardware and get a confirmation that
> the 
> internal buffers are purged?
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