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Missing blocks

Title: Missing blocks

Hopefully this is a simple issue or just my ignorance on the results returned by df -k but can anyone explain why the available block is 0 if total 1k-blocks Used is greater than 0?

#df -k /ems/bigdisk/

Filesystem                              1K-blocks       Used            Available       Use%    Mounted on

/dev/mapper/vg0-bigdisk                     397367512   383562960         0             100%    /<name>

Filesystem volume name:   <none>

Last mounted on:          <not available>

Filesystem UUID:          de2b600f-120d-41d2-ba23-b48b50705432

Filesystem magic number:  0xEF53

Filesystem revision #:    1 (dynamic)

Filesystem features:      has_journal resize_inode dir_index filetype needs_recovery sparse_super large_file

Default mount options:    (none)

Filesystem state:         clean

Errors behavior:          Continue

Filesystem OS type:       Linux

Inode count:              50462720

Block count:              100925440

Reserved block count:     5046160

Free blocks:              3174088

Free inodes:              45030587

First block:              0

Block size:               4096

Fragment size:            4096

Reserved GDT blocks:      1021

Blocks per group:         32768

Fragments per group:      32768

Inodes per group:         16384

Inode blocks per group:   512

Filesystem created:       Fri May 12 08:43:41 2006

Last mount time:          Sun Mar  4 23:26:08 2007

Last write time:          Sun Mar  4 23:37:03 2007

Mount count:              5

Maximum mount count:      28

Last checked:             Fri May 12 08:43:41 2006

Check interval:           15552000 (6 months)

Next check after:         Wed Nov  8 07:43:41 2006

Reserved blocks uid:      0 (user root)

Reserved blocks gid:      0 (group root)

First inode:              11

Inode size:               128

Journal inode:            8

Default directory hash:   tea

Directory Hash Seed:      f127e09e-0c0b-4f18-9e81-d822f8eadf4a

Journal backup:           inode blocks

Kernel  2.6.9-34.0.2.ELsmp


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