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Re: EXT2 vs. EXT3: mount w/sync or fdatasync

Why does this forum convert the right side of an equal sign to ""???

Test results reformatted:

EXT2 tests
No sync                     12.3 seconds  (83 MB/Sec)
sync                        44.3 seconds  (23 MB/Sec)
O_SYNC                      31.7 seconds  (32 MB/Sec)
fdatasync()                 31.3 seconds  (32 MB/Sec)

EXT3 tests
No sync writeback      14.5 seconds  (70 MB/Sec)
No sync ordered         17 seconds    (60 MB/Sec)
No sync journal          65 seconds    (15 MB/Sec)
ordered O_SYNC       49 seconds    (20 MB/Sec)
ordered,sync             52 seconds    (19 MB/Sec)
ordered fdatasync()    45.5 seconds  (22 MB/Sec)
journal O_SYNC        72.5 seconds  (14 MB/Sec)
journal,sync              81 seconds    (12 MB/Sec)
journal fdatasync()      60.5 seconds  (17 MB/Sec)

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