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Re: No file system full message

try tweaking your syslog.conf to match the facility  with which LVM is logging


On 5/25/07, Mark < md_work599 hotmail com> wrote:
Hello, I tried as a non root user and still no messages. The version on RH is ES4.
Thanks for the reply.
Still searching

> From: tweeks rackspace com
> To: ext3-users redhat com
> Subject: Re: No file system full message
> Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 14:39:21 -0500
> CC: md_work599 hotmail com

> On Thursday 24 May 2007 12:35, Dwaine Mark wrote:
> > Hello, I am fairly new to RH Linux but very experienced in unix. I am
> > trying to generate a file system full message when I fill up an ext3 file
> > system. Once the file system fills up I am expecting a message like File
> > System xxxx full. but I do not get this or any message. I have modified the
> > lvm.conf to send to syslog and set the messages to as verbose as I can.
> Try it as a non root user.
> Tweeks
> > I
> > get lvm mesages in the file but nogting when the file system is full. Can
> > someone tell me what has to be done to get the file system full message and
> > in my syslog. Thanks
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