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semi-formatted partition

Hello list,

I would like to share a little problem with you :

I've lost an 5Gb partition in an installation of Ututo GNU/Linux. It seems that the installation script does not took care of my /home and it tried of format it. When I saw that my old sda8 partition was being formatted as ext3 (fast format) I immediately, hard-restart my computer. After a run level 1 restart, I discovered that it was already formatted: only "lost and found" was there. I haven't mount it or check it because I don't want to corrupt more the FS. In the forums some guy recommends to remake it with testdisk taking the same values for the inode backup table. That's the only hope it seems I have. I would like to know if there's a standard procedure to follow in this case. I've installed Windows in order to run easyrecovery 6.1 and I could recover about 15% of my family photos, but anything else. Any help will be so much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

L'âcre d'Anac(h)ronique
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