Linux File systems Performance Tunning

Christian Kujau lists at
Thu Nov 15 12:01:42 UTC 2007

On Thu, November 15, 2007 07:44, Anirban Adhikary wrote:
> I want to do some performance tunning jobs on ext3 filesystem.So
> regarding this what are the parameters I need to check or what are the
> things i need to follow.

Well, there's
And the manpage to 'mkfs.ext3' and 'mount' do also mention some tunables.

But first you need to find out what you want your fs to tune for? Lots of
small files in one directory? Lot's of directories? Lots of writes? Reads?
And don't forget to measure performance with the application you intend to
run. Benchmark programs like bonnie++ and stuff might help, but you're
probably only interested how your application will perform.

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