Commercial file recovery for ext3?

J jae at
Sat Oct 13 16:46:27 UTC 2007

A user inflicted a massive change on an EXT-3 data partition.*  I'm 
looking for an application that can recover deleted files. ( The 
majority of the files are Excel. )  I don't particularly care what it 
names the files, and I don't expect a 100% success rate, even though I 
told everyone to go home right after I found out it had been done.

* Over a gig of files on a Samba server were moved into a another 
directory by mistake (by Windows XP Media center), and then subsequently 
moved back to their previous location... except when a dialog came up 
showing the files being processed one-by-one, it was canceled in a panic.

The timing wasn't good:  the backup scripts had been failing quietly.

Looking for the latest options.  Anyone have anything they've used?



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