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Re: remounting ext3 file systems

As long as you don't don't set any other options which would disrupt with what the running processes are doing with the files on that filesystem, you should be fine.

(for example: remounting the system readonly while files were open rw would be problematic for the processes involved, and I don't know what would happen if  you remounted a filesystem nodev while people had devices open on it).

On 10/30/07, Hans Holt <h m holt gmail com> wrote:

I want to remount a mounted ext3 file system. Typically, the "mount -o
remount <mount-point>" option is used when an already mounted
read-only file system is remounted as read+write. Is it considered
safe to remount a file system already mounted as read+write with open
files that are in use ? I want to change some mount options without
killing processes accessing the file systems and unmounting the file
system or restarting the machine.

Stephen Samuel http://www.bcgreen.com
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