ext3-fs error with RAID 5 Array.

Christian Kujau lists at nerdbynature.de
Sat Sep 1 10:04:32 UTC 2007

On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Kannan Raghuprasath wrote:
> EXT3-fs error (device sdb1): ext3_add_entry: bad entry
> in directory #2: directory entry across blocks -
> offset=1080, inode=135216, rec_len=4132, name_len=25
> Aborting journal on device sdb1.
> ext3_abort called.
> EXT3-fs error (device sdb1): ext3_journal_start_sb:
> Detected aborted journal

Proably too late, but: are there any device-related errors in the log?
Have you checked the device for errors? (eg. a simple
dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/null should do).

If the device (and the cabling) is fine, did you try fsck.ext3 yet? If 
so, what does it say?

BOFH excuse #261:

The Usenet news is out of date

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