ext3 limits?

Christian Kujau lists at nerdbynature.de
Tue Apr 29 15:10:10 UTC 2008

On Tue, April 29, 2008 16:58, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Actually as of 2.6.18 (or is it .19...), ext3 kernel code should support
> the full 16T, at least in terms of being able to address that many blocks
> w/o corruption.  I did a fair amount of work in that time frame to root
> out all the sign overflows etc to allow ext3 to get to 16T.

That's great, thanks!

Then someone should either update the FAQ or better yet put the FAQ on
e2fsprogs.sf.net (or wherever the Ext2 homepage resides).

BOFH excuse #442:

Trojan horse ran out of hay

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