duplicate entries on ext3 when using readdir/readdir64

Thomas Trauner tt at it-austria.net
Fri Aug 1 09:43:40 UTC 2008


I have a problem with directories that contain more than 10000 entries
(Ubuntu 8.04.1) or with more than 70000 entries (RHEL 5.2). If you use
readdir(3) or readdir64(3) you get one entry twice, with same name and

Some analyzing showed that disabling dir_index solves this problem, but
I think that this is a bug in the ext3 code, as no other file-system
shows this behavior.

I've found the following regarding this bug, but nothing about whether
if it is fixed nor if a back-port for older 2.6 kernels exists.


On linux-fsdevel I've found the following, but they delete directory
entries in between multiple readdir calls.


Does anyone know where I could find more information or report this bug?

Thanks in advance!
Tom Trauner

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