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Re: forced fsck (again?)

On Jan 22, 2008  14:34 -0800, Valerie Henson wrote:
> I'm not sure what the best solution is - print warnings for several
> days/mounts before the force fsck? print warnings but don't force
> fsck? increase the default days/mounts before force fsck?

I believe current e2fsprogs already prints the number of mounts remaining
before e2fsck is forced, though this doesn't help for time-based checks
with a long system uptime.

Conversely, I think for users that have set "-c 0 -i 0" e2fsck should
print a message like "fs mounted 50 times, last e2fsck was 200 days ago"
or similar, if the default limits are exceeded to alert the user that
this might be an issue.

> base force fsck intervals on write activity?

I had submitted a patch ages ago that considered "clean" unmounts
less dangerous than "crash" and only incremented the mount count
about 1/5 times in that case (randomly).

> Disks do rot, and file systems do get corrupted, and fsck should be
> run periodically, but the current system of frequent unpredictable
> forced fsck at boot is probably not the best cost/benefit tradeoff for
> many use cases.

Maybe some of the distro folks (Eric? :-) will pick up on this thread and
consider adding the "e2fsck snapshot" script to cron.monthly or similar.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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