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RE: debugfs question

Thanks Andreas,

I have a problem that for the file data I need the fs MetaData is corrupted.

I hope that because I am using same pre allocate logic all over my FS then I can get the Maping from other clear state FS file

And read the data directly from the corrupted FS.

Is that making sense?  





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On Jun 28, 2008  23:50 +0300, Yamin, Yossi wrote:

> I am trying to read a file directly from the disk using debugfs utility.


> I am running "stat" on the file I want, filter out IND and Bind blocks,

> and then copy the data blocks using dd directly from the Disk.


> On small files it work'd (13MB).


> On big files (3.5 , 440 GB)  the size is the same but md5sum get differ.


> What am I doing wrong?


What you are doing wrong is that you aren't using the debugfs "dump"

command, which will do what you are trying to do.



Cheers, Andreas


Andreas Dilger

Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group

Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc




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