2GB memory limit running fsck on a +6TB device

santi at usansolo.net santi at usansolo.net
Wed Jun 11 11:51:17 UTC 2008

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:14:45 +0200, <santi at usansolo.net> wrote:

>> Because /var/cache/e2fsck is on the same disk spindle as the
>> filesystem you are checking, you're probably getting killed on seeks.
>> Moving /var/cache/e2fsck to another disk partition will help (or
>> better yet, battery backed memory device), but the best thing you can
>> do is get a 64-bit kernel and not need to use the auxiliary storage in
>> the first place.
> I'm trying a fast test with "mount tmpfs /var/cache/e2fsck -t tmpfs -o
> size=2048M", but appears that will take a long time to complete too.. so
> the next test will be with a 64-bit LiveCD :)

Note that putting '/var/cache/e2fsck' in a memory filesystem is aprox. 3
times faster ;-)

Making some fast test with e2fsck v1.40.10 appears that is a bit faster
than v1.40.8, last version improves this feature? Anyway, finally I had to
cancel the process..

# ./e2fsck -nfvttC0 /dev/sda4
e2fsck 1.40.10 (21-May-2008)
Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes
/dev/sda4: e2fsck canceled.                                                

/dev/sda4: ********** WARNING: Filesystem still has errors **********

Memory used: 260k/581088k (183k/78k)


Santi Saez

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