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ok, in a way its like a stripe? I though when you do a stripe you put the
metadata on number of disks too. How is that different? Is there a diagram I
can refer to?


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 1:47 AM, Andreas Dilger <adilger at> wrote:

> On Jun 18, 2008  20:14 -0400, Mag Gam wrote:
> > If I am using a Hardware RAID (3ware) with 6 disks and I decide to go
> with
> > RAID 5 with stripe of 128KB (default on my controller) and no spare.
> > By reading documentation I should do 128/4 as my stride size when
> creating
> > the file system. I am not understanding how this number works and what
> > exactly stride does. Can someone care to explain this to me?
> The "stride" option changes the location of some of the filesystem metadata
> so that it isn't all located on the same disk.
> Cheers, Andreas
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