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Re: indexing symbolic links

Find or ls I can check for symbolic links, but the file system is very large. About 250GB and I have several of them.
I was wondering if  ext3 kept track of these things, apparently it does not.

At my university, we have physical storage in a filesystem, and we assign professors and students space by doing a symbolic link. Basically I want to keep track of physical storage with virtual/logical storage. Thats why I ask :-)


On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 4:18 AM, Alex Bligh <alex alex org uk> wrote:

--On 21 June 2008 22:03:03 -0400 Mag Gam <magawake gmail com> wrote:

Is there a way to index symbolic links in ext3? For example, I want to
keep track of all symbolic links on the filesystem (soft mainly). I think
I would have to write a wrapper around ln to keep it in a database, but I
was wondering if anyone has done something similar to this.

How about
 find [mount point] -type l -x -print

Wrapping ln won't do the job completely as (a) it won't track the links
being removed (e.g. via rm), and (b) it won't track links being created
by programs other than ln which use the library or the system call

When you say "mainly soft", remember EVERY file /is/ a hard link. Just
some files have more than one. Look at the "-links" option to find, which
is easy enough for normal files though you will have to do a bit of thinking
re hard linked directories, "." and "..".


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