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Carlo Wood carlo at
Wed Mar 12 05:46:21 UTC 2008

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 08:17:54PM +0000, Miller, Mike (OS Dev) wrote:
> Thank you, Carlo.

Thanks Mike ;).

This is a reply also to the others who replied to this thread
(I read all of them that were sent after this one, too);
there is definitely no need to thank me unless you actually used
my software and/or HOWTO and found it helpful, heheh.

Also, reading all those replies I feel that I have to straighten
something out: I am NOT mad or even demotivated because I get so
little "thank you" mails. And I'm certainly not in this business
to get pats on my shoulder.

I believe that my philosophy matches the comment of Tomas. Let
me elaborate:

1) I'm no different than most humans in that I would like, that
   when I die I can look back at my life and say: I made a difference.
   Most people (the masses) think that getting a child is the
   answer to that, they hope that their son or daughter won't make
   the same mistakes; even do something great-- so that their own
   life won't have been meaningless. Note that I do not have
   offspring and never will have. I'll have to get my self-esteem
   from my work.

2) I believe in the theory that the universe, and the existance
   of life might be a chance of 1 in <a very large number>, but
   we're here to think about that anyway because we are thinking about it.
   It DOES make it rather important to me to get the most out of this
   evolution though, and it seems unacceptable to me that humanity will
   become extinct before we explored every corner of the universe.
   The current situation is a VERY critical stage: the energy we have,
   the minerals and raw material we need to run our current civilisation
   of technology is a once-in-an-evolution chance. If we can't break free
   from this planet THIS time, before the next World War, or before we
   run out of minerals/materials and energy (no doubt leading to a world
   war anyway), it will be too late. In fact, I think we're not going
   to make it, UNLESS we can bootstrap artificial intelligence, soon.

3) I believe that next step in evolution (if at all, thus) is what is
   called the 'Singularity' (you already know what that is: A.I's making
   A.I's, giving rise to an exponential growth of technological advancement).
   Whether or not humanity survives that doesn't even really interest
   me. As long as something we created will expore the universe, then
   it wasn't all for nothing (and who knows, in the end a civiliation
   of A.I. that grows exponentially smarter towards the end of time
   might become what now we call God; ascent to a high level of
   existance and recreate the Big Bang in such a way that we exist(ed)
   at all (in which case I wouldn't have to worry that this will happen,
   but ok).

4) Contrary to most believers in the Singularity, I don't believe it
   will happen during my time. However, I DO embrace the idea of
   exponential growth: The *ONLY* work that is really significant is
   work that *amplifies* the development. If I can put in a factor
   of 1.000001, then that might JUST be enough to get us there, because
   1.000001 to the power N will be JUST large enough to prevent the
   extinction of mankind before we can leave this planet.
   Thus: _productivity_ increasing software has my interest (as opposed
   to, say 3D game engines). Software that leads to FASTER development
   of the next generation of development software.

Well, ... to make a long story short, as you see, I'm not driven by
"thank you" mails, but by, well, "something else" ;)


Carlo Wood <carlo at>

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