System crash during mke2fs

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Fri Oct 24 15:20:33 UTC 2008

Carlo Wood wrote:
> Hiya, don't know where else to report this. Please
> correct me if this isn't the right place.
> I just ran into a serious bug :((

> Finally, I wanted to create a filesystem and ran the following
> command:
> uxley:~>mke2fs -j -L "/boot" /dev/loop1


> Here the machine completely halted/crashed. I don't know what
> happened, because it's a remote machine.

It'd be very good to have a console so you can see what really truly
happened.  A remote machine w/o a console would scare me in any case.  :)

Is the image file sparse, or is it filled in with zeros?  Is it hosted
on ext3?

Especially if it's sparse, but in either case, I'd be curious to know if
it works out any better or worse with other filesystems hosting the
image file - trying ext4 and/or xfs just as an experiment might be


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