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Re: Backup Superblocks

It stores them in various places, depending on the size of your filesystem.
If your filesystem is large enough (>~ 1/2 GB) you'll probably find it at block #32768.
For smaller filesystems, it appears to put the first backup at block # 8193

You can get more details by using the -n option to mkfs. If you used nonstandard options in your original mkfs, you might want to provide those details here, as well.  (( -n has mkfs.ext[23] not actually write to the partition but simply say what it WOULD do if it did. ))

mkfs -t ext2 -n /dev/mydeice

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 2:01 PM, John Nelson <articpenguin3800 gmail com> wrote:
Where does ext3 store the backup superblock? Does it have one at the very beginning of the partition and one at the very end?

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