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Need help recovering files.


I am trying to recover a huge ext3 filesystem (5.5TB) and fsck has been running for almost a week. It's still at PASS 1D at this point, showing messages like
File ... (inode #138235018, mod time Tue Sep 23 03:04:23 2008)
  has 1016 multiply-claimed block(s), shared with 327 file(s):
        <filesystem metadata>
        ... (inode #375491526, mod time Wed Jun  4 17:05:37 2008)

I am think if it is possible for me to use debugfs to dump the content of inodes if I write a script to go through all the inodes that is used.

But when I try using ncheck to find out the path name (the filename would be enough) I get these messages:

ncheck: EXT2 directory corrupted while calling ext2_dir_iterate

The root inode according to fsck, and debugfs is gone.

If I were to do an ls, it says "Ext2 inode is not a directory".

The tools I am using are from e2fsprogs 1.41.2 . The file systems were originally created and mounted on a Fermi Linux SLF4.5 system (similar to RHEL 4.5).

Is there anyway for me to dump individual file or search for a valid directory inodes and use rdump?


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