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Re: Undeletable files

On Thu, 23 Oct 2008, Roland Bock wrote:


an e2fsck-run left a few files sprinkled over the file system which seem to be undeletable. Although the FS is mounted RW, even root does not seem to be able to delete them.

[ .. ]

For example:
#: rm 20011112_0000_AAM_TUI_000.txt
rm: cannot remove `20011112_0000_AAM_TUI_000.txt': Operation not permitted

#: chown root:root 20051109_0000_AAM_TUI_000.txt
chown: changing ownership of `20051109_0000_AAM_TUI_000.txt': Operation not permitted

#: chmod a+w 20061221_0000_AAM_TUI_001.txt
chmod: changing permissions of `20061221_0000_AAM_TUI_001.txt': Operation not permitted

Any idea of how to get rid of these files? I have about a 100 million files on that file system. "About" 30.000 are in such a state as described above. The rest behaves normally (can be modified, deleted, etc).

Either the FS is damaged or the files are chattr'd +i, lsattr -l filename.

Are they immutable by chance?


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