journal on an ssd

Tobias Oetiker tobi at
Thu Sep 11 14:38:15 UTC 2008


Today Theodore Tso wrote:

> In that worst case scenario, you might end up losing a full inode
> table block's worth of inodes, but in general, the loss should be the
> last few minutes worth of data.  Fsck has a better than normal chance
> of recoverying from a busted journal.  That being said, it would be
> wise to monitor the health of the SSD via S.M.A.R.T., since I would
> suspect that failures of the SSD should be easily predicted by the
> firmware.

you are the man, thanks ... that was the kind of answer I was
looking for :-) I have started to smart mon my journal disk
... it has interesting properties in smart, a whole lot of which my
version of smartmontools not seems to know about ... do you have
any insight in this ? is there a list of relevant smart properties ?

I have also set errors=panic as a mount option, or is this unwise
in this context ?

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