ext3 zerofree option and RedHat back port?

Ron Yorston rmy at tigress.co.uk
Wed Sep 24 08:12:37 UTC 2008

"Ulf Zimmermann" <ulf at openlane.com> wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if the zerofree option for ext3 has been back ported
>to RedHat EL4 or EL5?

I used to maintain backports of zerofree (the kernel patch, not the
utility) to EL4 and EL5, but since I wasn't actually using them I gave
up.  The last RPMs I have are from December of last year.  Contact me
directly if you want them.

I don't recommend the ext3 patch as it hasn't seen much use.  I regularly
use the ext2 version (on Fedora 9), but be warned that Ted has expressed
concerns about it.


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