external journal lost [PATCH]

Christian Kujau lists at nerdbynature.de
Wed Apr 8 08:40:22 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2 Apr 2009, Christian Kujau wrote:
> Hm, I never had to forcefully remove a journal (yet), but from reading the 
> manpage I'd indeed expect to get this removed even if the filesystem is in 
> error. The attached patch to e2fsprogs (latest git) makes tune2fs removing 
> the journal when "-f" is supplied. And it seems to work so far:
> http://nerdbynature.de/bits/tune2fs/
> Comments?

Hm, I was really hoping someone would comment on this, as I'm a) puzzled 
as well, why the -force option does not work as expected and b) if this is 
the right thing to do:

--- e2fsprogs-git/misc/tune2fs.c.ORIG	2009-04-02 22:40:58.740218188 +0200
+++ e2fsprogs-git/misc/tune2fs.c	2009-04-02 22:42:37.221830335 +0200
@@ -374,8 +374,8 @@ static void update_feature_set(ext2_fils
 				"read-only.\n"), stderr);
-		if (sb->s_feature_incompat &
+		if ((sb->s_feature_incompat &
+		    EXT3_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_RECOVER) && (!f_flag)) {
 			fputs(_("The needs_recovery flag is set.  "
 				"Please run e2fsck before clearing\n"
 				"the has_journal flag.\n"), stderr);

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