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File System Selection

Hi All,

I am developing a SD Block Driver.

As per old specification (SD Spec 2.0 ) Maximum size of SD memory card is 32 GB.
- We used ext2 file system.

By referring the new Specification (SD Spec 3.0) SD memory card size is reached upto and including 2TB (Terra Byte)
- Block size strictly limited to 512 only (as per specification).

My Questions.

1. For 2TB disk with Block size 512, Which file system is preferred (ext3/ext4)

In a 32 bit machine, If I installed the Fedora 10 ( having ext4), am I
able to use it as effectively ( for the maximum disk/file size usage).
To utilize 2TB or more size hard disk, is this allowable to use 32 bit machine with Ext4 fs?

Thanks in advance.



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