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Re: Making an ext3 partition unmountable (intentionally)

Sri S wrote:


I’d like to make an ext3 partition that cannot be mounted easily on another system. I don’t want to use loop-aes to encrypt the partition because of the performance hit. I also don’t need it to be very secure, I just need to prevent someone from taking the drive from my system and reading the data off of it.

I was thinking about one or a combination of one of options:

   1. Changing the partition’s ext3 magic number to some other magic
      number that only I recognize
   2. Changing the location of the super-block and backup super blocks

Maybe you could simply use a loop-device with the "offset" option.
It would be trivial to mount the partition (one would just have to issue the correct options to mount and/or losetup), but recognizing the beginning of the filesystem and guessing the correct offset would require some (minimal) knowledge about EXT3 layout.


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