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Re: ext3-fs error (bad entry in directory)

At Tue, 22 Dec 2009 11:15:03 -0600,
Eric Sandeen wrote:
> > The message is always exactly the same. Somebody have a clue as to what is
> > going on here? And an easier question: How do I find out which directory is
> > #17083?
> you can use debugfs:
> debugfs:  ncheck
> ncheck: Usage: ncheck <inode number> ...
> debugfs:  ncheck 6031
> Inode	Pathname
> 6031	//testfilename

That solved the problem. We must have had a failed write there, I found an
empty directory, that should have been a file by the semantics, quite
strange. Fortunately I could simply delete it and now everything seems to be

Thanks a lot for the pointer.


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