ext2_check_mount_point: No such file ...

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Fri Feb 13 02:09:26 UTC 2009

I am trying to shrink an ext3 filesystem mounted on top of software
RAID.  The ultimate goal is to shrink the RAID to make room for a new
installation that will use LVM over RAID.  I get the error in the
subject, and wonder what I need to do to avoid it.  Details follow:

Shrinking needs to be done offline, right?

After being unable to get Knoppix started I used the break=bottom to
stop the boot process while I was still in the initrd.  When I
dismounted the filesystem I discovered my initrd didn't have the ext3
utilities.  I remount the file system and copied /sbin, /lib, and /etc
onto my ramdisk.  Without /etc fsck complained about being unable to
find fstab; afterwords, it ran.

However, both fsck and resize2fs complained
ext2_check_mount_point: No such file or directory while determining
whether /dev/md1 is mounted.

Adding the -f flag did not help.

There is no /etc/mtab file.

I realize this is all pretty dodgy, but is there a way I can deal with
this problem?  What file or directory is it looking for?
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